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Alex is an experienced business executive who has lived in Oregon for 29 years.  He grew up in a family devoted to public service which gave him a true love for the American system of government and the importance of community service.
Alex currently serves on the Tualatin Community Police Foundation, is Vice President of the Byrom CIO, and a member of the Tualatin Community Emergency Response Team.  He has been a volunteer firefighter and served on county and state Commissions and Boards.
Alex is married to Courtney Graham and has stepchildren in the Tualatin school system (including stepsons in 8th and 10th grades and a stepdaughter in 7th).  He believes in balanced and responsible growth for Tualatin to ensure quality of life for all of us.  His candidacy is endorsed by political and community leaders.


Tolling - Traffic - Transit

Our city is facing major decisions over the next few years which will impact on our livability.  We have been witness to tremendous change in recent years, and if we don’t insist on careful planning to manage all that is to come we will lose what we love about Tualatin.  
I believe that before we add Tolling to I-205 there must be transit alternatives to allow our citizens to reach necessary services along the I-205 corridor without having to add to their daily costs.  Transit today is focused on the commute to Portland, we cannot ignore the destinations in West Linn, Oregon City, Sherwood and the like.  
All of this fits into one of the most important livability issues in Tualatin -- traffic.  We all know we need additional housing capacity, but as we continue to expand our city, traffic management must be considered as a core factor.  Simply waiting for the County or State to 'fix it' is not viable -- we must negotiate the right solution for our citizens and our area.


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Tualatin Mayor Frank Bubenik Endorses Thurber

"Alex possesses the skills and common sense to help lead Tualatin.  He'd make a great addition to the Council."



Alex is honored to be supported in his run by:

Tualatin Mayor Frank Bubenik

Community activist Beth Roach

Community activist Cathy Holland



9875 SW Iowa Drive, Tualatin, OR  97062

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